Swedish artist, born in Gothenburg, active in Sundsvall. 

Made her debut at Gallery Blåkatten 2000-2001.

Art studies in Sundsvall, Norrtälje and Umeå.

Graphic art, sculpture and paintings.

Exhibits in local galleries in Norrland.

Represented in Gallery Darling Stockholm, private collections in New York and Norway.

Travels in Europe, Turkey, Thailand and USA.


After completed her studies in a local art school in Norrland 1976, it took Annette Fahlberg almost thirty years until she continued her art studies in Norrtälje year 2003-2004.

This time she did it far more seriously, now focusing mostly on her engravings, inspired by artists like Egon Schiele and Picasso.

Today Fahlberg work part time as a graphic artist in Sundsvall. Her personal interpretation of mythology and religious art has unexpected details, is often colourful and dipped with a humorous flavour.